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Academic Essentials Website Graphic (2016)Our students at El Hogar have such potential to become anything that they set their minds to and we know that a good education is the foundation they need. El Hogar operates three schools on its campuses and a residence for high school girls, and providing the best for our students requires academic materials, facilities upkeep, technology, and teacher support.

What Is The Academic Essentials Program?

Becoming a sponsor in the Academic Essentials Program enables you to partner with El Hogar to achieve several things. You are giving our students everything they need to get the most out of their education, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. You are also giving the staff and teachers the tools they need to care for and teach those in our care who have no hope without an education.

Without you, none of the work being done by El Hogar could continue. Education is the key to unlocking a better life — far better than the life these students previously knew. Your sponsorship will help them to achieve their dreams for a brighter future.

What Are The Sponsorship Levels?

There are three sponsorship levels to choose from for the Academic Essentials Program. They are:

Level 1 – $25/month ($300/year)

  • Textbooks
  • Program materials
  • Farm supplies (seed, animal feed, veterinary services)
  • Student enrichment activities (music, art, etc.)

Level 2 – $40/month ($480/year)

  • Computer/technology equipment
  • Technical school supplies (machinery, wood, metal)
  • Maintenance/repair of vehicles and equipment, including those used for student transport and programs

Level 3 – $65/month ($780/year)

  • Teacher and counselor salaries (average $8,000/year)
  • Teacher training

Please click on the link below to become an Academic Essentials Sponsor today. Thank you for supporting education at El Hogar!

  Academic Essentials Sponsorship 

El Hogar Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt corporation. All donations given to El Hogar Ministries are fully tax-deductible.

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