Spring 2014 Newsletter

~BREAKING NEWS: El Hogar releases its first professionally made video. ~Hear from sixth grader Diana as she receives a letter from her sponsor and responds. ~In our most recent newsletter we focus on what sponsorship means at El Hogar and how your support is vital to the children living in our centers in Honduras. ~To subscribe to our Newsletter, email info@elhogar.org with your request.
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Something to Smile About

In Honduras, poor dental health is still a major cause of illness and even death. Many children arriving at El Hogar have never even owned a toothbrush. In 2006, Dr. Jim Campi a dentist from Maryland, visited El Hogar. “I was profoundly moved not only by the program, but by the realization that I had a chance to do something with my education and
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El Hogar is a success story

We sometimes say, ‘El Hogar is not only a home. It is also a success story.’ Actually it is comprised of many individual success stories. The smiling faces of the students, teachers, staff and volunteers make them shine as a whole, but upon closer inspection the uniqueness of each person is evident. It is inspiring to read about the circumstances and successful individual experiences from
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Saint Mary’s Technical Institute Graduate Returns to Teach at El Hogar

Medardo Cardona began his life, like many Honduran children, in a single room wooden house with a dirt floor, two beds and no running water. Throughout his childhood he shared this space with eight family members. Medardo’s mother supported her children with a ‘chiclera’, a tiny sweet stall similar to others located on every Tegucigalpa street corner. From an early age, Medardo had a
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Releasing the pain of childhood.

In this powerful audio, Former Executive Director in Honduras, Rich Kunz, tells the story of how one child, Marvin, came to El Hogar and found a haven there to release the pain of his childhood. Rich Tells Marvin’s Story  

Welcome to our new site and online donation process.

Welcome to our new Web Site! While it is easier to navigate, it is still packed with information and photos. We’ve also improved the online donation process with our new vendor, Blackbaud Merchant Services. In addition to the feature of specifying recurring gifts, we now have the ability to process Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which enables donors to give via bank account debit. Please
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