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The very first reunion.

ReunionOn November 4, 2005 El Hogar Projects held their first reunion of El Hogar graduates. Thirty young men came to celebrate with the current graduates and to share news from their lives. Excitement was in the air as the young boys listened attentively to the stories shared by their older brothers and predecessors. Here are some of their stories.

Jose Argelio Fernandez Lopez came to El Hogar 13 years ago, and graduated with a degree in carpentry from the Technical Institute. He is now 30 years old, is married with two children, he owns his own house and is a production manager in a large company in Honduras. Jose told the assembled group that “…to live at El Hogar was the most beautiful opportunity I had. I am very grateful to God and my sponsors for all the support they gave me in order to transform my life.”

Luis Marlenis Aguilar is now 39 years old, married with two sons. Luis started his life on the street, eating from garbage cans. He told the group that someone brought him to El Hogar and his life was changed. He graduated from the Technical Institute in 1988 and now owns his own factory making ice pops. Luis recently returned to El Hogar on Children’s Day, to bring ice pops to all the boys, as a gesture of gratitude for all he received at El Hogar.

Juan Carlos Salgado graduated just 3 years ago. He is now 20 years old, is studying at the University and working at a Christian school. Juan Carlos describes El Hogar as the best thing his mother ever did for him, and that God changed his life through El Hogar. He plans to get married next year as he continues his studies.

Wilmer Manuel Ochoa is now 27 years old. He graduated with a degree in welding in 1988. Wilmer was an excellent student at El Hogar, as were his two younger brothers who also came to El Hogar. Wilmer told the staff, “I’m really grateful to all of you. Through your help you transformed me into a very good gentleman to serve my family and my country.”
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