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Life begins

November 24, 2014

Part Four of Fernando’s story

After that weekend of detention, Fernando’s teachers can see in him something new. They offer him tutoring help with his classes and Fernando eagerly accepts it. Slowly classwork gets easier. Fernando begins to have friends and his rebelliousness turns more into playful mischievousness. Never receiving another detention, during his weekends at home Fernando offers to help his mom with chores, cutting weeds, and even helps his younger brothers with homework. Belkis’ heart pounds with hope and pride in her changed son. She listens to his Fernando-Technical-Institute-Webdreams of a different life for them all and barely allows herself to imagine it. Time will tell, but there is something very different about her son. He seems happier, more confident, gentler and even proud of himself and his improved grades and attitude. He has hope—for himself, his family and his future. There is talk of his younger brother perhaps entering El Hogar next year too. Hope is something new for all of them, and it is tentatively infectious. At El Hogar, Fernando discovers a best friend, a fellow welding student. They are talking about starting a business together after graduating. Hope begins with a seed …

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