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Enzo Flores – A bright light

The other day during his free time Enzo Flores, age 8, asked a teacher for a broom because he enjoys doing chores. This is not the only thing that is unique about Enzo, who arrived at El Hogar at the end of January. When he arrived, Enzo was unable to bend his knee. Dr. Dario Zuniga, El Hogar’s physician, examined him a few hours after his arrival and took him to the hospital for emergency surgery the same day. With a diagnosis of osteomyelitis, a possibly fatal infection of the bone, he spent a month in the hospital on intensive antibiotics while recovering from the operation.

Not surprising to anyone who knows him, this lively, enterprising youngster even managed to enjoy and make good use of his time in the hospital. When visitors brought sweets for all the children, he went out into the streets, sold them and gave the money to his father. What a testament to his quick-wit and feelings of responsibility!

Before coming to El Hogar, Enzo was living with his 63 year-old-father and two younger sisters in a small rented one room ‘house’ with dirt floors, no running water or electricity. His father has serious heart problems and is unable to work. Enzo’s aunt sends $70 each month for the family; the rent takes $48 of it.

Enzo returned to El Hogar at the end of February with a full-length brace on his right leg. Did this slow him down or impede his enjoyment of sweeping, or even roller-skating and playing soccer? Not a bit. Two weeks after his return, the cast was removed and Enzo has been enjoying his initial weeks in first grade with his new friends.

Written in 2008

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