Health Care in Honduras

Reflections from Rev. Richard Kunz Former Executive Director in Honduras Two weeks ago, one of the teenagers at the technical school foolishly tried to leap from one roof to another, and instead fell over twenty feet onto a cement sidewalk, badly injuring his head. He was taken to the emergency room at Hospital Escuela. Claudia and Lazaro went immediately to the hospital with the
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One last wish.

Former Executive Director in Honduras, Rich Kunz, tells the story of a grandfather who, on his deathbed, places his two grandsons into the care of El Hogar. Rich Tells About Grandfather’s Wish.

The very first reunion.

On November 4, 2005 El Hogar Projects held their first reunion of El Hogar graduates. Thirty young men came to celebrate with the current graduates and to share news from their lives. Excitement was in the air as the young boys listened attentively to the stories shared by their older brothers and predecessors. Here are some of their stories. Jose Argelio Fernandez Lopez came
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