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EduardoEvent055Inviting an El Hogar speaker to visit your church, school, or organization is a great way to introduce people to the work being done in Honduras or to create excitement during a fundraising event.

Our speakers have firsthand experience with the life-changing work being done by El Hogar and are always excited to speak about how we’re breaking the cycle of poverty in the lives of hundreds of Honduran children. The compelling stories shared by our speakers about our students, staff, and volunteers will transport you and everyone else present to Honduras and El Hogar.

Our Speakers Include:

▪ The Rev. Matthew Engleby – Executive Director in Honduras

▪ Liz Kinchen – Executive Director in North America

▪ The Rev. Dr. David Winsor – Former Executive Director in Honduras

▪ Members of our Board of Directors, located throughout the United States and Canada

For More Information

Please contact us at or call 781-729-7600 if you would like more information or would like to arrange for a speaker to come to your church or organization.

Please note that travel expenses are provided by El Hogar Ministries.