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Below are some frequently asked questions about how our sponsorship program works.


Q.  If I live in the US or Canada, how to I begin a sponsorship?
A.  If you live in the US, you can go online to Sponsor a Child, or email Liz Kinchen at lkinchen@elhogar.org
If you live in Canada, please contact Margo Mingay at mmingay@elhogar.org


Q – What are the different levels of sponsorship available?

A – There are 4 levels of sponsorship:

$5,400 Child Sponsorship = Actual Annual Cost

$2,400 Child Sponsorship

$1,800 Child Sponsorship

$900 Child Sponsorship

Q – Do I have to pay the cost of the whole sponsorship at once or can I break it into payments? 
A – Most of our sponsors pay for their sponsorships either annually, quarterly or monthly – which ever fits their budget best.


Q -If I pay in installments, will I receive a bill for the balance of my sponsorship?
A – No, in order to reduce our administrative costs, we do not send out bills or reminders for the balance of your payments. At the end of each sponsorship year, we will send a reminder regarding renewing your sponsorship for another year.


Q – Will I receive an acknowledgement letter for each of my sponsorship payments?
A – We send out acknowledgement letters when you begin a sponsorship, when you renew each year and whenever you make a payment which is $250 or greater. In an effort to reduce our administrative costs we generally do not send letters for payments which are less than $250.

Q – What exactly does my sponsorship pay for?
A – The educational component of a sponsorship addresses the costs associated with a child’s education. This includes curriculum materials, classroom and workshop needs, and the teachers’ salaries.The housing component of a sponsorship addresses the costs of housing, feeding, clothing, and providing medical care for the children.  Together these components comprise the full sponsorship, which addresses all of these basic needs.

Q – Is it possible to share a sponsorship?
A – Yes, we have a number of sponsors who share in the sponsorship of the same child. It is also possible for a church, school or organization to sponsor a child. Just let us know who will be sharing the sponsorship.

Q- Can I request to sponsor a girl at El Hogar?
A – El Hogar is delighted to have a ministry to girls. This program began in February 2007 with five little girls. These girls will be part of the sponsorship program we have for boys, and they will be integrated with the boys’ educational program, taking classes with them and making use of all the facilities and resources at our elementary school for the boys. Because we are integrating the girls into the existing boys program, we are also integrating the sponsorship program with that of the boys. When a new sponsorship begins, we will assign a child – either boy or girl – depending on who most needs a sponsor at that time. When people make special requests, such as for a little boy or a boy at the Farm, or even a specific child, we do our best to honor that, but ultimately we follow the needs our children have for sponsors at the time. The same will be true for girls; it is possible to request a girl to sponsor, but we cannot guarantee that one will be assigned. We hope sponsors will understand and will be happy with the relationship they can establish with their child – boy or girl, elementary age or teenager. El Hogar is deeply grateful for the interest and kindness of our sponsors – it is you who make this ministry possible.

Q – Can I send letters to my sponsored child?
A – Certainly! The children love to receive letters from their sponsors. You are welcome to send letters directly to your child. Address them to:

(your child’s name)
El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza
Apartado Postal 764
Tegucigalpa, DC, Honduras

You may send letters in English; they will be translated at El Hogar. Any reply letter from your child will be sent to you in both Spanish and English.

Q – I don’t speak Spanish. Can I get my letters translated?
A – If you can write in Spanish, please do so, but if not your letters will be translated into Spanish at El Hogar

Q – Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?
A – Since the children of El Hogar live in a family-like community setting, we ask that you do not send any personal gifts to your sponsored child. The children do not keep and own personal gifts. Any gifts the children receive are shared with everyone.

Q – Can I visit El Hogar and meet my child in person?
A – Yes. You are welcome to visit your child. The best way to do this is to sign up for one of our service teams going to Honduras. You can meet your child and get a good overall picture of how El Hogar works and the difference it makes in the lives of our children. Some sponsors also plan trips to coincide with their child’s graduation. If you are interested in planning a trip yourself, please contact our office by phone at 781-729-7600 or by email at info@elhogar.org for more information.  If in Canada, please contact: mmingay@elhorgar.org